We are the marketing partner for the pharmaceutical industry.

We are focused on the healthcare industry where we create educational content aimed at various target groups. Our vision is to create a world where everyone has access to high-quality information and therefore no need to depend on unreliable sources.

In Grandaliro we combine our marketing know-how with the expertise in the pharmaceutical field, which is why our team contains not only visual designers and programmers but also pharmacists and people with a background in the pharmaceutical industry. Our capabilities are further strengthened by our close cooperation with healthcare professionals and lawyers, to ensure not only the correctness of our outputs but also their legality.

Would you like to join us? Keep on reading.

Welcome to Grandaliro.com

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Who are we looking for?

What do we do?

We create high-quality digital content centred around medical topics. However, in order to shape it to the needs of our various target groups, be it the general public or HCPs, we need to do way more than just create pretty banners. This is the reason while the list of our core competencies looks like this:


Web strategy
SEO audit
Web copy
UX design
UI design

Content creating

Articles (medical and non-medical writing)

Social media

SoMe management
Ad campaigns

Internal projects



Communication strategy
See Think Do Care analysis
Performance analysis
Medical overview

This is what the results of our work look like

So far, the largest portal for doctors (psychiatrists and neurologists), which has become very successful in a short time. More on cortex21.sk

What to expect and our core values

Small teams, big responsibility

We believe that the ideal team should be not bigger than 9 people, where everyone shares a significant part of the overall responsibility. We have structured our team this way since our inception and it has proven to be beyond successful, as we were able to create an environment that fosters independence. 


We take extra care to ensure that everyone can see how their outputs fit into the bigger picture. Not only that, but we are also transparent about our decision making and even about the finances of the company. Although we operate in teams, we share our experiences and lessons learned throughout the creation and execution of our campaigns. With respect to NDAs, of course. 


If you do not know something, feel free to ask and we will help you out. However, from a certain point onwards, we will not ask you where you are or whether you do what you said you would. We do not micromanage. As long as your outputs are of the desired quality and you can present them to the team or the clients on time, we are happy. 

Individual approach

Although we operate in teams, we try to make sure that every single member has an environment where they can grow. The way that this translates into reality is through discussions where you describe your desired career path and we try to match it to what the career progression could look like in our company. 

Problem-solving skills

During the cooperation with our clients, you will encounter many internal rules and processes, which we have to abide by. However, some issues are bound to come up and most of them have to be resolved quickly. This is why we appreciate a proactive approach to problem-solving. 

Rewards for extraordinary results

If the project is doing exceptionally well, so should you! Motivation is the key and it should be rewarded. In Grandaliro, it is common to earn 1-2 monthly wages in bonuses which are paid on a bimonthly basis. 


It is ideal to continuously innovate but in order to do that, we need people to do their jobs smartly. Do you have an idea for an improvement? Or maybe a new product or service? We will give you all the support you need. Currently, our internal projects Lekár Odporúča and Omoler are being developed but there is more to come. 

All success should be celebrated

Pre-pandemic, we would celebrate success with a stack of crêpes, now there are 4 times as many of us and the logistics have become significantly more complicated. However, we still find a way to celebrate all achievements (be it work-related or even personal). 

What we DO NOT do

  • We do not spread panic. When talking about diseases, we use understandable language and focus on prevention and regular visits at the doctor’s office. 
  • We do not exploit human vulnerabilities or try to persuade people to purchase a product which they might not even need. 
  • We do not promote products that have not been scientifically proven to work (no pseudo-medicines). 
  • We do not communicate misleading information. 
  • We do not take part in any unfair competitions in any shape or form. 

Current squad

Apart from pharma marketing, we have lots of other hobbies. Would you like to get to know a writer, an organiser of a space conference, a coffee magician, a designer, participants of Half Ironman or Spartan race, food lovers or travellers? Feel free to reach out!

What does the selection process look like?

The first round is a video interview where we will get to know you better. Afterwards, you will receive a case study to show whether your skillset would match our needs. In the third round, you will present your case study on a video call. And after consideration, we will send you our decision.

*Based on the specific roles, this process might slightly differ and you will be notified in advance.

Currently hiring

Do you like what we do but no available role seems to fit you?

In that case, feel free to contact us anyway! Even if we might not be searching for someone right now, it does not mean that we could not use your skillset.


How long does the selection process take?

Our priority is swift communication but we cannot influence the speed of applicants and clients. Sometimes it can take 10 days, sometimes more. 

What is the logic behind solving case studies?

With a practical task, we will be able to take a closer look at your line of thinking and your approach to problem-solving on cases that are directly connected to the pharma segment. Another advantage is that all applicants share the same starting line, regardless of experience. In other words, we examine more than just the number of items on a CV. 

How many employees does Grandaliro currently have?

We have currently 20 full-time employees (+10 external), most of us are based in Bratislava and some are in Prague, Vienna and soon in other European cities as well. These numbers will likely continue growing at a fast pace, as we plan to continue growing.