Visual designer

Visual designer

Bratislava, Praha, remote work
Type of work
Full time- freelance
from 1700€ - 2200€ depending on your skills

Join a team of pharma marketing enthusiasts. Our goal is to not only create campaigns but also facilitate the education of the general public by providing high-quality health-related information.  

In Grandaliro we combine our marketing know-how with the expertise in the pharmaceutical field, which is why our team contains not only graphic designers and programmers but also pharmacists and people with a background in the pharmaceutical industry. Our capabilities are further strengthened by our close cooperation with healthcare professionals and lawyers, to ensure not only the correctness of our outputs but also their legality.  

What will be your task? 

As a visual designer, you will be working in a larger team (together with a project managers, developers and copywriters). Your task will be to create:

  • UX and UI on new webpages for different products or medical topics 

  • Visual communication for our product campaigns or for campaigns centred around particular diseases 

  • Email visuals 

  • Social media visuals 

  • Visuals for our internal projects and PR 

  • Visual identity 

What do you need to know? 

If you are the new Stefan Sagmeister or Jony Ive (yes, we do know he is focused on hardware, but he does it exceptionally well!), then you probably don’t need to know anything. For us, other mortals: 

  • Ability to crate digital projects such as webpages, emails and social media visuals (Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD) 

  • Ability to create design for print (illustrator & InDesign) 

  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS: no need to actually code, however you should know how the technology behind web/email operates 

  • Experience with large-scale UI, motion design or illustration is a huge plus 

  • Ability to manage your time (you will be getting assignments from different project managers and it will be your task to set the priorities) 

  • English on a good level, written and spoken 

What do we expect from our team members?

Responsibility — be in charge of your project, make it so that even you would be glad to receive such a proposal. Actively ask for help with whatever you need and most importantly, always deliver! :) 

Proactivity — create the best position for yourself by tackling things head-on. Understand which steps need to be taken before and after your work is done and operate in a way, that your teammates do not feel the urge to strangle you. 

The pay

From 1700 € - 2200 € depending on your skills

Other benefits 

  • Flexible working hours: work, when it suits you the best (but always finish your tasks to 100%) 

  • Vacation is not really limited for us and it also does not have to be reserved months in advance. It is all based on the agreements within the team. 

  • Bonuses on a bimonthly basis 

  • We celebrate success with crêpes 

  • Want something extra? Don’t hesitate and ask! 

  • Strong team of young and talented people 

  • Internal education: workshops or lectures from experts but also colleagues (as we value the exchange of know-how) 

  • High level of transparency: here, you will know about all the important stuff, numbers, cashflow, plans, successes or failures  

  • Benefits of a coworking space: multiple floors of a modern coworking space, a lot of inspiring people, great coffee and fresh fruits 

  • Teambuildings: different trips, hikes or afternoons with a beer. You can find friends here relatively quick 

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